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Must-Known DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips Without A Machine

People think buying the right kind of carpet with the perfect design is difficult, but have you ever tried cleaning your carpet?

Frankly speaking, creating your carpet is the most challenging task ever. And if you guys feel the same, then this post is for you. Here we are going to talk about some of the most-known DIY carpet cleaning tips without a machine, in which you can easily clean your carpets at your home.

For How Long Can I Use These DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips?

 Just imagine someone is visiting your home and you have a dirty carpet. In such a situation, you should surely use our DIY tips to clean the carpet. But, if you want complete cleaning, then you should get in touch with Sweepy Maids for the best carpet cleaning in Calgary.

Generally, you can use the DIY tips for 2-4 weeks, but make sure that you are getting your carpet properly cleaned by an experienced person who can help you enhance the list of your carpet.

Must-Known DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips Without A Machine

 Let us have a look at the DIY tips with the help of which you can clean your carpets:

1- Most people think that they can’t clean their carpets without the help of a machine, but if you want to remove all the dust particles from your rugs, then you should use a stiff broom. Although you would have to do a lot of work, in the end, you would be able to notice a good-looking carpet.

Secondly, make sure that you are not getting too harsh on the carpet, as the broom can also destroy the threads of your carpet.

In case you are unable to clean your carpet, then you can get in touch with us for the best Carpet cleaning in Brampton.

2- Along with cleaning your carpet, you should also invest some time in disinfecting your carpet. Although you would not need any steam or disinfectant spray from the market, hence you can make your own disinfectant spray at your home.

In a bowl, you need to put 10 ml vinegar, and in the same bowl, add 30 ml water and mix it properly. You can keep the mixture in a spray bottle, and with the help of that bottle, you can spray the disinfectant all over your carpet.

Once that is done, you can use a soft cleaning cloth and easily clean all the spray from your carpet.

3- If you have a specific spot on your carpet that is not cleaned properly, you can use soda to clean that area. You just need to spray soda over the area and clean everything properly with the help of a towel.

You would have to repeat this process at least three times to completely clean the spot.


We hope you have learned about all the DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips, with the help of which you can clean your carpet at your home without a machine. If you still need expert help with that, then Sweepy Maids is here to help you out.

Carpet Cleaning

Secrets To Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Do you have a carpet at your home? If yes, then you must be aware of how hard it is to keep your carpet clean and look like a new one.

And if we talk about carpet cleaning in Brampton, then it’s not possible to go for such cleaning services daily. Hence that’s why we are here to share some secrets with the help of which you can keep your carpet looking like a new one.

All these tips are home-friendly, which means you can also process them at your home.

Secrets To Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Here is a list of secret tips that you can use to keep your carpet looking like a new one:

  • Vacuum Daily:

The first and most important tip with the help of which you can keep your carpet looking like a new one is by vacuuming it daily. First, by vacuuming your carpet daily, you could eliminate dust particles. Secondly, if you vacuum daily, then you will be able to enhance the life of your carpet by 75%.

Here’s a quick tip, make sure you use the right vacuum cleaner for your carpet. In addition, you should ask yourself if you have pets at home if your carpet is on the stairs, and many more such questions.

Based on the answers to these questions, you should select a vacuum for you.

  • Soak Spills:

Just imagine something spilled on your carpet; make sure that you completely soak the spilled product with the help of cotton cloth. Ensure you are doing this process within a few minutes of spilling the product. Otherwise, you would have to face a mark on your carpet.

  • Trimming:

Whenever you notice some threads of your carpet coming out, you should trim them right away because it has been seen that one single thread can lead to a problem with other threads as well.

Hence it’s suggested to trim the thread right away. Also, don’t use a trimmer for this process; use a small scissor to cut the other thread.

  • Carpet Cleaner Spray:

Once a week, you should clean your carpet by applying cleaning spray on it. With the help of this tip, you can get back the shine of your carpet. If you cannot find the right carpet cleaning spray, you can use club soda, as it is one of the best sprays or liquids to help you get rid of stains.

  • Check Daily Use Carpet Area:

Usually, people add carpet to a part of their home that is not used daily, but if you have a carpet area that is used daily, you need to take care of that carpet area properly.

Daily check in that area daily, which will help you know if the carpet is fine or not.


Keeping a daily check on your carpets will help you keep your carpet looking like a new one forever; we have mentioned a few secrets that can help you. If you are looking for the best Carpet Cleaning in Calgary, then Sweepymaids is the perfect option for you.

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What compares carpet steam cleaning to carpet dry cleaning?

Carpets are susceptible to spills, stains, and a gradual accumulation of grime. Because of this, it’s important to maintain high standards of cleaning to keep them fresh, and hygienic, and extend their use.

There are usually two major methods you may pick from when it comes to cleaning carpets: steam cleaning and dry cleaning. But which approach is preferable? The following are the main distinctions between carpet dry cleaning and steam cleaning:

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the process of cleaning carpets with hot water. It works by applying high-pressure water injections into the carpet using specialized equipment before removing it. Similar to a vacuum cleaner, however, this method uses hot water to remove material rather than sucking it up with air. When the water is drained from the carpet, all of the accumulated dirt is likewise eliminated, leaving a fresh, clean carpet in its place.

Pre-spray can be used to help remove stubborn soil from carpets that need stain treatment and are extremely dirty. 

What Benefits Does Steam Cleaning Offer?

The main benefit of steam cleaning is that it provides excellent, long-lasting results with a deeper clean, eradicating dirt from the carpet’s root to the surface. The drying time for a carpet after this type of cleaning can exceed 24 hours, so keep that in mind as well.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning uses less moisture than carpet steam cleaning. Pre-vacuuming a carpet before dry cleaning involves removing any surface debris. After that, a solvent-based dry-cleaning solution is applied to the carpet. Solutions make it easier to remove stains and take the dirt out of the carpet by breaking down the dirt in the carpet. In the final step of the dry cleaning procedure, equipment with cotton pads attached is used. The cotton pads spin around on the carpet while using a high-speed rotating motion (similar to a floor polisher) to remove stains and grime embedded in the carpet fibers. To maximize results, these pads are frequently changed.

In comparison to steam cleaning, encapsulation cleaning employs less water. During encapsulation, polymer detergent encapsulators are applied using a rotating machine. Crystallized dirt particles enclose the dirt, holding it together and making it easier to vacuum out of the carpet. This approach is effective for carpets that don’t require a deeper cleaning and are also less expensive.

What are the Benefits?

The major benefit of dry cleaning carpet is that it leaves the carpet dry enough to walk on an hour after the procedure is finished. However, the caliber of the solvent used and the aptitude of the operator both affect how well dry cleaning works. Compared to steam cleaning, which offers a more thorough carpet wash, dry cleaning is also less successful in removing dirt from a carpet.

Our cleaning and facility management professionals at Carpet cleaning in Calgary are aware that every customer has various needs. Because of this, we collaborate to understand your unique cleaning needs and develop a customized solution. Call us right away if you need Carpet Cleaning in Brampton.