Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have cleaning packages depending upon the frequency of the cleaning services required. We offer our clients weekly, bi-weekly and monthly packages. The frequent the cleaning, the lower the rate of cleaning services offered by our Cleaning company in Vancouver.
Yes. As a norm we bring our supplies for the Cleaning Services Surrey. However, if there is a particular product that you prefer to be used in your house, we will be happy to use it provided it is made available to us at the cleaning location.
No. Our House Cleaning Services Vancouver and Surrey can be scheduled as frequently as you request.
As a general rule we provide 1 to 2 cleaners for a location. However, The number of cleaners can depend upon the size of the property being cleaned. If your house is palatial (Luxurious) and you want more than 2 cleaners for your house cleaning vancouver we will be happy to provide you with them.
You can schedule your cleaning time at your convenience. We recommend you to do it in advance whether it is for home, warehouse, hospital or institutions cleaning in Surrey, so that there are no delays and unavailability from our side.
Gifting a cleaning service is an excellent idea and we can help you by offering gift cards for the professional home cleaning service in Vancouver.
You can book an appointment with us by going to our website or by calling us.
Our price charging technique is based upon the lock-in amount of hours. So, even if cleaning takes less time then the set time schedule there’s no reduction in cleaning service cost.
No. While making a booking we ask you questions about the size of your house and advise you on the number of hours required accordingly. A visit to the cleaning place is not required.
It is advisable to book your cleaning services in advance. However, you can call us to ask if we have cleaners available for the same day. Though we cannot promise same day availability. Wwe try our best to provide cleaners as per our customer’s schedule and present workforce
You are charged for the services after the service has been provided.
Unfortunately, if you are not home when the cleaner arrives and there is no possibility of you returning home or making the home accessible to the cleaners, we will be charging you the fee for the lock-in hours.
Certainly. You can request additional cleaning depending upon the cleaner’s schedule. If the cleaner has another booking then they might not be able to do as requested. But if the cleaner is not scheduled for another booking then they will help you with the cleaning services you request. Additionally you will be billed for the extra time they spend on the additional services being requested.
The cancellations and refunds are dependent on when you cancel the services. If the cancellation is done two days before the appointed date half of the payment would be refunded. Whereas anytime before only a minimal amount of 5 dollars would be deducted and the other payment would be refunded back.
If you have booked biweekly, quarterly or monthly cleaning services you can contact us via email on sweepymaids@gmail.com or via phone on 18557933752 to cancel or reschedule your weekly appointment and we will shift the weekly rate starting from next week.
No, we do not clean outside of your house, our cleaners only provide cleaning services inside the house.
The cleaner that comes to your house will depend on the schedule of the cleaner. If you make a booking well in advance then we can provide the same cleaner to you every time you schedule a cleaning.
We are always looking for honest feedback regarding our services, if there is any way you think we can improve on our services we would be more than happy to listen to your concerns. We will also communicate your concerns to the respective cleaners, and make sure you get high quality cleaning services. If there are any concerns or feedback you can leave a review or contact us at 18557933752
The rates mentioned on the website for each service are final and fixed. We pay one cleaner according to the type of service and the standard time allotted for cleaning. This cannot be changed. However, it is possible for you to get the same services at a discounted rate by opting for biweekly, monthly and quarterly cleaning.
If the chosen service isn’t completed in the standard time set by the company you will have to buy extra time by going on the company website. This is non negotiable as the price is set according to the time for each service
Professional companies are completely licensed and insured. They cost more, usually around $30 to $60/hour per person. Most companies get services on a contract basis, and it depends on the service providers based on the services provided. The pros of using a professional service-providing company are that you do not get to rely on a single person, but the whole company stands responsible. If the regular cleaner that comes to your house becomes sick, someone else will be available to cover up for their duties. When deciding on a cleaning services company, make sure to consider quotes from well-managed and reputed companies.
Most professional cleaning services will provide regular service based on just about any schedule, including weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks (monthly), and sometimes every three or six weeks. The most common cleaning schedule is service every two weeks (bi-weekly).


Deep cleaning includes thorough cleaning, which includes: –

  • Cleaning Ceiling fan blades
  • Light fixtures -hand washing in place
  • Vacuuming or washing Blinds and shutters
  • Dusting Mini-Blinds
  • Moldings, woodwork, and window sills hand washing or wiping
  • Baseboard’s hand washing or wiping, reachable w/out moving furniture
  • Lamp and lampshades dusting or vacuum with an attachment
  • Hand wiping pictures and knick-knacks
  • Furniture polishing, fronts, sides, legs, and or vacuuming
  • Stovetop and drip pans scrubbed
  • All Cabinet fronts cleaning
  • All doors washing
  • Light switch plates cleaning
  • Countertops and backsplashes washing
  • Mirrors Indexing from top to bottom
  • Tub / Shower tiles (double scrubbed if built-up)
  • Wastebaskets emptying/washing/relining
  • Beds made includes master and any additional beddings
  • Stairs vacuuming, wood washing
  • Floors vacuuming and mopping has closets too

Cleaning all carpet crevices (crevice along the edge where bugs, animal hair, carpet fibers collect)


Decide what kind of cleaning service you want.

  • Get recommendations.
  • Make a list of needs in advance.
  • Run a quick check on the company’s profile
  • Schedule a meet-and-greet.
  • Stick around for the first few cleanings.
To help you keep your premises clean, Sweepy Maid can handle your commercial cleaning load. It provides complete cleaning services which includes office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, building maintenance, hospital cleaning, etc. The professional cleaning staff is well-versed in cleaning techniques and manages to clean premises effectively. Providing exemplary cleaning services throughout the Lower Mainland, Sweepy Maid cleaning professionals are well-trained to provide comprehensive, detail-oriented cleanings on every visit. We provide the best cleaning services throughout Surrey and Vancouver; the work we do is known by our styles, values, responsibility, standards in cleaning. Over time, it has helped us create long-term, successful partnerships with our clients and customers spread throughout the Canada.

When you clean an office, it’s essential to consider the needs of those who work there. Employees like a neat and clean workspace. Don’t bother to touch the paperwork without permission. When no employee is present, do a thorough dusting according to the contract and spot clean as needed.

Empty dustbins and put them back in their respective places. But we suggest you hire cleaning services offered by Sweeping Maid to get your workspaces cleaned thoroughly and effectively to focus on running errands and boost hygiene .