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    Dog Walking Services

    Dogs are man’s best friends. They need the care and attention to keep themselves active. And at the same time, these folks will keep your mind occupied. However, due to busy schedules and routine, many people are not able to care for their four legged buddies. At this point, they consult Expert Dog Walkers in VancouverThese people specialise in many options involved in Dog Walking Surrey given below:

    These people specialise in many options involved in Dog Walking Surrey given below:

    1. Group Walks: Here your dog can socialise and exercise with other friendly pups. It mentally stimulates them and keeps them physically active, which helps them remain fit and improve their overall well-being.
    2. Private Walks: This facility is for those dogs who want specific attention and have specialised needs. It can be tailored as per the preferences of these furry beings.
    3. Puppy Visits: We understand the needs of your pups. Our visits include playtime, feeding, potty breaks, assisting in their training and development.

    Why Choose Us

    Sweepy Maids have the top class Pet Care Service in Surrey that has the following things:

    1. Trustworthy and experienced professionals: We have a certified team consisting of dog walkers who are passionate towards animals. They are subjected to training programs to ensure a safe, secure and healthy environment and surroundings for your dogs.
    2. Customer Care Plans: We recognise that each dog has its own needs. We curate care plans that are tailor made to meet the requirements for your doggos to ensure they receive the best care.
    3. Flexibility and Reliability: We offer a flexible schedule as per your needs to take your dogs out for a walk to help you out in carrying out your daily chores.

    Safety: We prioritise the safety of your dogs. Secure lashes and safety instructions are part of our protocol during walks to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for these furry beings.

    How To Opt For This Facility

    • Consultation: We initiate our journey by consulting with our clients to understand the dog and its needs and preferences.
    • Customisable plans: As per the consultation, a plan is created to suit your dog’s routine.
    • Professional Care: We provide the finest care and support to ensure your dog is happy, loved and healthy.
    • Regular Updates: You will get to know more about your dogs after each walk they go with us.

    Want to get the best care and exercise for a four legged pal? Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment and learn more about our animal care services and facilities. Join hands with Sweepy Maids and make us your dog’s walking companion.