Locally Owned And Operated

Locally Owned And Operated

House Cleaning Calgary

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    Best House Cleaners in Calgary

    All of our professional cleaning staff members are hand-picked and properly trained by us to ensure that your property is cleaned completely. In the unlikely event that you’re ever dissatisfied, get in touch with us within 24 hours, and a crew will come back and fix the issue with your home cleaning at no extra cost!

    Great people are the foundation

    Sweepy Maid’s house cleaning service is unique due to our staff. Sweepy Maid’s highly vetted cleaning crew has undergone extensive in-house training on how to use our natural and eco-friendly solutions. The environment, your family, your pets, and your house are all protected by what we do.

    Since we began providing green cleaning services, we have been searching for fresh, improved methods of cleaning homes without compromising the health of our personnel, our clients, their families, or their pets. Cleaning your home may be done without affecting the environment, in our opinion.

    About Sweepy Maid in Calgary We exclusively offer excellent house cleaning services.

    Our cleaning crew members are chosen and trained with care. To ensure that our natural cleaning products meet the best standards for environmental and human health, we design and produce them ourselves. Online appointment scheduling allows for changes and cancellations. Our customer care staff is available to talk with you at any time. Your complete satisfaction is always assured. All members of the cleaning industry are based on perception, bonded, and insured. You simply pay for the time we are in your house cleaning; nothing more. All tools and cleaning supplies are provided by us. We exclusively use vacuums with Hepa filters. Every time you visit, we ask for your opinion. Find the Sweepy Maid difference in house cleaning.

    House Cleaning in Calgary

    Let us handle the mess so you can enjoy your house. Our excellent, eco-friendly cleaning service is very efficient and family-friendly. Call us right away to schedule a cleaning.

    Natural Cleaning Service Taking Use of the Best Green Cleaning Products

    Sweepy Maid pioneered green, natural house cleaning. Environmentally responsible and effective natural cleaning products have been created. The best recommendation is that they have earned the most rigorous certifications, such as Ecocert and EWG Verified, and are adored by Sweepy Maid cleaning crews for their effectiveness. The good news is that you can now purchase them from your favorite retailers, such as Community Naturals or the Sweepy Maid website, or have your team deliver them at the upcoming cleaning session. Use our top-rated oxygen bleach or unscented laundry detergent, both of which are plastic-free. To make the best, most potent natural laundry detergent you’ve ever used, combine them.

    Time to Relax With Our House Cleaners Calgary

    Let us clean your home.

    Spend less time cleaning your house and more time doing what you love in the heart of the new West, whether it’s taking in the Beltline or exploring the Rockies.

    And when you get home, your house will be tidy, spotless, and fragrant.