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4 Factors To Consider When Choosing Maid Services For Your Home

When choosing maid or house cleaning services in Calgary, you can do a small online search, select the top option, and be done. But not every maid service can provide you with quality services, and because of this, it’s crucial to learn about the things to keep in mind for selecting the most appropriate service provider for you.

This blog will discuss four factors to consider when choosing the right house cleaning services in Brampton for your home.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Maid Services For Your Home

 Imagine you hired a new maid or house cleaning service provider for your home, and in the end, you could not get the desired results. How unfortunate you will feel in that situation.

If you never want to feel that unfortunate in your life, then follow the below-mentioned factors for choosing the right service provider:

1- Certified Professional Cleaners:

Only some people look for certification whenever they are looking for maid services. Still, by considering this small factor in the selection process, you can select an exceptional service provider.

Whenever you select a non-certified cleaner, you will find out that they take around a week to adjust to your cleaning requirements. But when choosing a certified professional cleaner from Sweepy Maids, you would not have to wait for that adjustment time and can expect quality services from day-1.

2- References & Reviews:

We can notice only 4-5 top home cleaning service providers in every area. So whenever you ask for references from your friends or family members, and if you have the most references from those top 5 names, you can move forward with any of them.

If you want to do more research, check out the online reviews of those top 5 names and opt for the service provider with the most positive customer reviews.

3- Cleaning Products Usage:

When dealing with a professional house cleaning service provider, you will notice that they bring their cleaning products. This is the reason they can guarantee results to their customers.

You can directly ask them about the cleaning products they will use and go with the option that is using the best cleaning products and techniques.

4- Budget:

The budget also plays a crucial role in making the right choice for selecting the best maid services for your home. For example, if you are looking for a single-day service, the charges will be more. But, when you are looking for a house cleaning service provider on a monthly basis, you can get monthly packages for the same.


 Choosing the right maid services for your home can completely change how your home will look and feel. Use the tips above to select the right home cleaning services.

Sweepy maids have been providing professional home cleaning services for a long time. To opt for their services, get in touch with them.

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6 Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks To Keep It Evergreen & Last Longer

Your carpet can enhance and decrease the overall look of your home. Yes, it can improve your home’s look, but if your carpet needs to be appropriately cleaned, it will decrease it.

Carpet Cleaning in Nanaimo is challenging, and you can only sometimes give your carpet for deep cleaning to service providers. That’s why in this post, we will talk about six carpet cleaning tips & tricks to keep it evergreen & last longer.

If you are struggling with carpet cleaning in Calgary and want easy ways to clean your carpet, this is a must-read blog for you.

6 Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks To Keep It Evergreen & Last Longer

 Carpet cleaning is complicated because most people want to avoid doing it. But they need to be made aware that if they do not take care of their carpet, it will become easier for them to clean it properly.

Here are a few tips & tricks that you can use to keep your carpet evergreen & get a longer life:

1- Use a Vacuum Cleaner:

Make sure to use a vacuum cleaner, with the help of which you can get rid of all the dust and dirt particles that can enhance the overall look of your carpet. Make sure to habitually use a vacuum cleaner on your carpet once a week. It can also help you eliminate the foul smell that your carpet makes after a long usage.

2- Get Rid of Carpet Stains As Early As Possible:

Just imagine you suddenly spilled something on your carpet, and it is making a stain on your carpet; in such situations, you need to make sure that it will become easier to manage carpet stains for you if you get them cleaned as soon as possible.

Right after spilling something, take a wet cloth and properly clean the area. Once that is done, and if you still think the stain is there, you can repeat the same process.

After cleaning it, you can use a hair dryer to dry the wet area on your carpet.

3- Do Not Keep Heavy Things On Your Carpet:

When you keep heavy things on your carpet, you will be able to notice alignment issues on your carpet. Therefore, if you want to keep your carpet in good health and aligned correctly, you should not keep any heavy items on your carpet.

4- Use Carpet Steamers:

There are stains and harsh dirt marks on your carpet, with the help of which you will notice a dullness on your carpet. If you also notice such dullness and want to get rid of it, you should use carpet steamers.

Take a carpet steamer and brush it all over your carpet, with the help of which you can eliminate all the dirt marks and dullness issues.

5- Protect Your Carpets From High-Traffic Areas:

If you have kept carpets in a high-traffic area in your home, you should shift them to another place as your carpet’s life decreases when used more.

6- Get Professional Cleaning Services:

You can contact a professional carpet cleaning service provider such as Sweepy Maids. Although it is suggested you get a professional cleaning for your carpet twice a year, you can process it as per your requirements.


Carpet cleaning is crucial when you love your carpets and consider them a valuable part of your home. These carpet cleaning tips & tricks will help you.

Contact Sweepy Maids for professional carpet cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning

Is it easy to select the best and affordable technique to clean your carpet?

Carpet cleaning is a procedure of eliminating dirt and strain from the carpet. Carpet cleaning is the most challenging job. For Carpet cleaning in Calgary, contact a well-known company.

If you have invested in quality carpets, make sure they look the best so they last as long as possible. For Carpet Cleaning in Brampton, get in touch with a well-known company.

Types of carpet cleaning

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning includes a pressure washer and vacuum to remove carpet dirt and debris caught in the carpet’s fabric.

Steps to clean carpet with steam cleaning

  • Use a vacuum cleaner. It will help to remove the dirt particles and fluff the carpet fibre.

  • Now pour the hot water chemical into the container.

  • Spray the solution into the carpet under high pressure.

  • After the cleaning process, leave the carpet to dry.

Why choose steam cleaning?

If you need more profound or more rigorous cleaning, then steam cleaning is the perfect option to choose. For example, if your carpet is thoroughly soiled, then choose steam cleaning.

Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a carpet cleaning technique involving a rotary floor machine and cleaning pad. As a machine moves on the carpet’s surface, the pad also spins and absorbs the dirt from the carpet’s surface. Bonnet cleaning solution contains cleaning agents like bleach that help to improve or enhance the appearance of the carpet.

Why choose bonnet cleaning?

The bonnet cleaning method is beneficial for those who are looking for quick dry time. Bonnet cleaning is done in hotels where they need to be cleaned quickly. Bonnet cleaning also helps to remove oil stains. In addition, it helps to restore the carpet’s appearance.

Rotovac cleaning

Rotovac cleaning is the best and most robust solution for carpet cleaning. It allows the carpet to attain its primary appearance. Cleaning in this technique is done with the help of a rotovac cleaning machine.

Why choose rotovac cleaning?

This cleaning process is one of the best and most specific carpet cleaning techniques. It helps carpet fibre to recover and make carpet as good as new after many years of heavy usage. In addition, Rotovac cleaning techniques make your carpet cleaner and more colourful.


The encapsulation cleaning process includes chemical agents such as polymer to clean the carpet. When a cleaning agent applied to the carpet, it loosens dirt particles in carpet fibre into powder. When the solution dried, the vacuum sucked dirt particles, and the carpet gave a clean look. Encapsulation cleaning contains less dry time and also uses less water during the cleaning.

Why choose encapsulation cleaning?

If you want your carpet back into use within a short interval of time, then encapsulation cleaning is the best option. If encapsulation cleaning is done in appropriate steps, it gives excellent results.