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Is it easy to select the best and affordable technique to clean your carpet?


Carpet cleaning is a procedure of eliminating dirt and strain from the carpet. Carpet cleaning is the most challenging job. For Carpet cleaning in Calgary, contact a well-known company.

If you have invested in quality carpets, make sure they look the best so they last as long as possible. For Carpet Cleaning in Brampton, get in touch with a well-known company.

Types of carpet cleaning

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning includes a pressure washer and vacuum to remove carpet dirt and debris caught in the carpet’s fabric.

Steps to clean carpet with steam cleaning

  • Use a vacuum cleaner. It will help to remove the dirt particles and fluff the carpet fibre.

  • Now pour the hot water chemical into the container.

  • Spray the solution into the carpet under high pressure.

  • After the cleaning process, leave the carpet to dry.

Why choose steam cleaning?

If you need more profound or more rigorous cleaning, then steam cleaning is the perfect option to choose. For example, if your carpet is thoroughly soiled, then choose steam cleaning.

Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a carpet cleaning technique involving a rotary floor machine and cleaning pad. As a machine moves on the carpet’s surface, the pad also spins and absorbs the dirt from the carpet’s surface. Bonnet cleaning solution contains cleaning agents like bleach that help to improve or enhance the appearance of the carpet.

Why choose bonnet cleaning?

The bonnet cleaning method is beneficial for those who are looking for quick dry time. Bonnet cleaning is done in hotels where they need to be cleaned quickly. Bonnet cleaning also helps to remove oil stains. In addition, it helps to restore the carpet’s appearance.

Rotovac cleaning

Rotovac cleaning is the best and most robust solution for carpet cleaning. It allows the carpet to attain its primary appearance. Cleaning in this technique is done with the help of a rotovac cleaning machine.

Why choose rotovac cleaning?

This cleaning process is one of the best and most specific carpet cleaning techniques. It helps carpet fibre to recover and make carpet as good as new after many years of heavy usage. In addition, Rotovac cleaning techniques make your carpet cleaner and more colourful.


The encapsulation cleaning process includes chemical agents such as polymer to clean the carpet. When a cleaning agent applied to the carpet, it loosens dirt particles in carpet fibre into powder. When the solution dried, the vacuum sucked dirt particles, and the carpet gave a clean look. Encapsulation cleaning contains less dry time and also uses less water during the cleaning.

Why choose encapsulation cleaning?

If you want your carpet back into use within a short interval of time, then encapsulation cleaning is the best option. If encapsulation cleaning is done in appropriate steps, it gives excellent results.