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A Guide to Keep Home Clean & Fur Free 


Everybody loves their pet but when it comes to the mess they create with their fur, it is something that everyone hates. Pets are best, and it’s 100% true, but nobody likes to see their sofa and furniture covered with pet furs. 

In this blog, let’s study some tips to manage cleanliness in a home that is messed up by pet fur. It’s annoying to see pet fur everywhere in the home, but people don’t want to get it clean due to a lack of motivation or they just don’t feel like doing it. In this case, they can hire our professional Cleaners in Vancouver

Following are some tips that will help you keep your home clean from pet furs. 

Groom Your Pet: 

Grooming is the first and essential step which needs to be done regularly. Grooming your pet will not only help in maintaining cleanliness in the home but also help to keep your pet clean. There are generally three categories in which pets are divided. 

  • Long hair dogs
  • Short hair dogs
  • Long haired cats 

Some long-haired dog breeds need more regular trimming but not shaving. Brushing and occasionally trimming will be sufficient for short-haired dogs, and for long-haired senior cats, regular brushing and trimming are necessary. 

Bathing is another crucial factor that you shouldn’t skip. 


Everyday vacuuming is a part of life, but if you have a pet, then vacuuming is not only limited to floors. Pet owners need to regularly vacuum their sofas and carpets too. Don’t use floor vacuum to vacuum your sofa and other furniture or else you will end up running some precious stuff. Talk with professionals of  House Cleaning in Toronto before buying a vacuum for your sofa and carpet. 

Robot vacuum is a popular solution nowadays! 

Air Purifiers: 

Your beloved pets can produce some nasty allergens and pet danders. Pet fur not only disturbs the visual cleanliness but also makes the ambiance smelly. Purchasing a quality air purifier is no longer a choice for pet owners but has become a necessity. Air purifiers not only provide clean air but also remove allergens and bacteria from the atmosphere. 

Covering your Furniture: 

The best method to keep pet hair out of your couch is to keep your pet away from the couch, and it’s nearly impossible. The best possible solution is to keep the couch covered with washable material. Or you can use some quality brush and vacuum cleaners to get the fur out from your costly couch and beds.

Pets Hair on Bed:

People like to sleep with their pets in their beds. But it can spread bacteria and allergens over the bed. Washing bed sheets, pillows, and covers regularly will keep your bed sheet fresh and clean, which will feel fresh and good for you and your furry pet.   

Pet fur may be effectively removed using a few substitutes, including sticky rollers, rubber gloves, sponges, and more. 

The ideal solution for removing fur from bed linens is to use rubber gloves, which are also reasonably priced and reusable.
You can eliminate odours and allergens from your home by following these suggestions. Make those routines a part of your everyday life to maintain a clean and allergy free home. It is more tough when you have a short time. Maintaining pet hair away from the sofa and bed is a hard chore. You can rely on professional Cleaners in Vancouver, from Sweepy Maid.