A Simple Guide to Cleaning Bathroom

Sparkling Showers Without Harsh Chemicals: Natural Cleaning Tips for a Fresh Bathroom

A Simple Guide to Cleaning Bathroom

A clean bathroom is crucial for hygiene and a comfortable home, But cleaning doesn’t have to be a difficult job. It takes time to clean. Cleaning the bathroom on a routine basis can help to terminate bacteria. When your bathroom is clean, it can help to decrease the risk of disease. If you do not clean your bathroom, you can develop serious diseases. There are simple, easy tricks to make your bathroom sparkle in a short time. It is also necessary to manage cleanliness.  House Cleaning in Calgary maids can help to make it clean and refreshed, from the living space to the bathroom. 

Collect cleaning gadget 

You can start by collecting cleaning items like gloves, spray bottles, sanitiser, cleaning solutions and other items when you collect high-quality cleaning products. It can help you to clean your bathroom in a short time. 

DIY cleaning solution

You can make cleaning solutions using common household things, and you can take white vinegar and water. Mix equally and put in a spray bottle to tackle water stains. It also adds essential oil in a small portion for a refreshing scent. 

Baking soda scrubs 

Baking soda can help you easily remove stubborn stains in the bathroom. You can sprinkle it in sinks and tubs. You can scrub with a sponge. It helps to remove a stain with a gentle rub. You do not need to push hard to remove stains from tubs and sinks. 

Clean Shower Head  

When you consider cleaning the Shower Head, you can use white vinegar. You can tie a pouch of vinegar around your shower head and leave it overnight. It helps to remove the dirt. It can make the water flow smoothly. It is a simple way to keep your shower clean and refreshing.  

Use Lemon 

Lemon is not only just for cooking. It is also a strong item for cleaning. You can take one lemon, cut it in half, and scrub on handles and surfaces. It helps to destroy bacteria and make it hygienic and fresh.

Steam cleaning 

You can use steam to clean. Steam cleaners are an effective method to reduce the germs and dust from various bathroom areas. It is an eco-friendly method to clean. 

Use shower spray 

You can use a daily shower spray to stop soap scum. This technique takes a few seconds after cleaning it. It can help to keep your shower clean. 

Microfiber towels 

For cleaning use microfiber towels that can be beneficial for removing the bacteria and clean dirt water in the short term. 

Toilet fizzies 

You can keep your toilet refreshed and clean with homemade toilet fizzies. The toilet fizzies contain baking soda, citric acid and a few drops of essential oil. You can mix and divide into small portions after you dry them. It helps to make your toilet clean and refreshes with every flush.  

Regular maintenance 

Routine maintenance is the best way to clean the bathroom. You can make plans for small, clean tasks to reduce the build-up of dirt and bacteria. It helps you to quickly clean your bathroom and make it refresh. 

When you use these simple steps for bathroom cleaning hacks, you can make a schedule for your cleaning routine. It helps to make your bathroom sparkling and refreshed. If you do not have time to clean, you can hire Cleaners in Vancouver from Sweepy Maids.