Busting Myths About Eco-Friendly Carpets


Climate change has been a major concern, nowadays because of the advent of social media people have started to become aware of the damage that has been happening to the environment and the damage that they had been ignoring so far, which is why people have been stressing upon the fact about going green and going eco-friendly, thus development needs to happen at the same time preserve the nature around because things that are artificial somewhere or the other have their base deep ingrained within the womb of nature.

When we talk of environmental degradation we majorly blame it on the industries, industries that include majorly are processing units, manufacturing units, and textiles. Textiles that include handlooms and handlooms majorly include the making of artifacts, interior decoration, and carpets. While carpet making was an art that was reserved only based on casteism, over time it has evolved into an art form that has started to become extinct, the prime reason being the industrialization of the same. But one thing that we all tend to forget is that when carpets were made in the olden days they were not ecologically destructive and the carpets had a lot of therapeutic uses. The exterior of the carpets changed as per the setup and requirement of the surrounding along with the need of the hour as did the methods of maintenance.” explained a very popular carpet cleaning service provider in Victoria

The extinction of the natural way of making carpets was a bi-product of the result of globalization. The main reason for the extinction of carpets was the introduction of artificial forms of machinery, the result of which was the emission of chemically manufactured dyes and the interjection of artificial ways of making carpets.

However, now that people have started to get more aware of environmental degradation they have started to make use of eco-friendly carpets when we mention the term eco-friendly carpets we mean carpets that are ecologically sound and carpets that make use of natural resources and do not cause any kind of harm to the people and the eco-system in general. However, it takes time for a new idea to be adapted, on the journey of the pathway for a new idea to become popular there are a lot of stereotypes that one has to battle, and eco-friendly carpets are no exception. Let us discuss in detail the stereotypes attached to eco-friendly carpets.

Stereotypes attached to eco-friendly carpets 

  • Eco-friendly carpets are more costly as compared to artificially manufactured ones: The pricing of eco-friendly carpets when the idea was initially introduced, then the pricing might have been higher but as the popularity and demand for eco-friendly carpets increased the rates now have become pretty much the same.
  • Eco-friendly carpets are not long-lasting enough and tend to color bleed: Natural dyes are more sustainable than artificial dyes if you try applying beetroot extract to your lips they tend to stay longer than an artificially applied lipstick that tends to fade away in hours. “We have been pressure cleaning eco-friendly carpets for a very long time and pressure cleaning is one of the toughest methods of carpet cleaning and we have not seen any signs of color bleeding.” Explained one of the pressure cleaning in Victoria.