Checklist For Commercial Restroom Cleaning

Cleaning Done Effortlessly

Cleaning itself is a challenge, but when it comes to commercial restroom cleaning, that is where the war with the dirt begins. Often, public restrooms in high-traffic areas are left in undesirable situations. Keeping the restroom clean and fresh all the time can be a tough task. Therefore, we have created a checklist for commercial restroom cleaning so you can clean the restrooms like professional home cleaners in Victoria

Checklist For Restroom Cleaning


Toilets are the first places that require cleaning as you enter the restroom to do your job. This is where most of the mess is made, which leads to a bad smell in the whole place, making it difficult to even breathe. Therefore, in order to allow people to use the restrooms without any problems, It is essential to clean the toilets properly, just as home cleaners in Victoria do. To begin with toilet cleaning, first, you would be required to wipe down the toilet seat and then disinfect the bowel. Also, pay attention to the toilet flusher during cleaning and make sure that you dry the toilet seat properly before it is used. 

Toilet Stalls

What would it be like if the toilet was clean but the stall looked like a disgusting mess? Just like the toilets, the toilet stalls also require adequate cleaning. Scrub down the stall and sanitise it. You might also need to put a little more effort into cleaning any writing or drawing on the stalls and know the science of wall cleaning for efficient results. 

Sanitary Products Receptacles

A pile of sanitary products looks disgusting. Therefore, they should be emptied, wiped clean, and sanitised from time to time to avoid the accumulation of germs and odour in the restroom. Make sure to place a plastic disposable bag in the trash can in order to take out the trash easily. 


Urinals are the second most disgusting place after the toilets, and they also need to be cleaned and disinfected adequately. The urinal cakes need to be replaced frequently in order to prevent the spreading of germs and odour. 


Floors are also the victim of abuse inside and outside of the stalls. With time, the floor begins to look dull and filthy due to foot traffic and wet flooring caused by sinks, toilets, overflows, leaks, and accidents. These floors need scrubbing and cleaning to get them back to their original condition. If the floor has gotten very old, then you need to let the professionals do floor waxing and stripping to restore its shine. If there are any carpets in the stalls that have had spills, then you can use some simple steps to remove stains from the carpet or go for carpet cleaning in Victoria


White and shiny sinks make the restroom appear clean and tidy; therefore, it is essential to remove any stains from it and disinfect the bowels to avoid spreading germs. The hardware also needs to be made shiny and spotless. Make sure to remove any rust appearing on the hardware. 


As soon as someone enters the restroom, the first thing they do is to check themselves in the mirror. However, the mirror can get smudged easily; therefore, it needs to be polished with a good quality glass cleaner. 

Diaper Changing Tables

Mothers are always protective of their babies; therefore, it is essential to clean and disinfect the surface of the diaper changing table to ensure hygiene and protection for the baby from germs and infections. 

DoorKnobs And LightSwitches

Just like any other area of the restroom, these areas also require disinfecting as not everyone has the habit of washing hands when they are done using the restroom. 

Soap Dispensers, Hand Dryers And Towel Dispensers

These areas are maintained to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting these areas frequently is also essential.

This is the checklist you can use while cleaning commercial restrooms, like professional home cleaners in Victoria. Make sure to pay attention to every detail in the restroom to avoid spreading germs and infections and use an air freshener to maintain its freshness.