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Decluttering for Calm: How to Minimize Clutter and Maximize Cleanliness


Everybody loves a space where everything is clean and organised. It keeps them healthy and focused, which is really good for their mind.

But do you know there are the best ways used by cleaners in Vancouver which would ensure proper cleanliness and hygiene in the households where they work.

Each part of our house should be kept clean. They give us a space where we can rest, work, and do any activity without any problem. Cooking, resting, and bathing are some basic things that need to be done in tidy areas.

In this blog, we will discuss the best cleanliness methods for our surroundings based on the areas of importance.


There are the best ways to keep the place in which we cleanse ourselves to ensure better cleanliness given below:

  1. Run hot water in the vanity and shower for a couple of minutes. The steam from it will make it easier to remove the grime that gets accumulated over time.
  2. Use vinegar to eliminate mould instead of products that would apply bleach to make them invisible. This will help you prevent fungal formation in the particular area again.
  3. Clean your bathtub with a mop or broom.


The Cleaners in Vancouver prescribes the best ways to maintain cleanliness in the kitchens in the following:

  1. Use baking soda while cleaning your oven.
  2. Remove the gunk and stains from cheese graters and chopping boards with lemon.
  3. You can also get rid of the stink from drains and maintain freshness inside your refrigerators with the help of baking soda.


People involved in House Cleaning in Toronto suggest the best ways to keep your bedrooms fresh and tidy in the following ways:

  1. Wash your pillows once in four months to get rid of dust mites that reside in them.
  2. Always ensure your mattress is clean to lower the chances of itchy eyes and skin and lower the difficulty of sleeping.
  3. Replace your pillows within 2 years of their use, as they will ensure proper sleep quality and zero allergies while you give your body the required rest.
  4. Show your mattresses sunshine to eliminate bacteria every few months.


Here are the best methods to keep the shine of the floor in your surroundings with the utmost cleanliness in the following:

  1. Keep a good-quality abrasive doormat to protect your carpet. It ensures no entry of dirt from your shoes’ soles after they rub them with the mat.
  2. Avoid rubbing a stain into carpet fibres while you are treating a stain. It will just spread that mark.
  3. Clean up vomit stains with baking soda. It will neutralise the odour and eliminate the stench coming from it.
  4. Use vacuums with advanced air filters. It will clear out all the small dust particles that can recirculate back.
  5. Avoid using a lot of water while cleaning floors, as the grout between the tiles is porous and can accumulate dirty liquid.

Areas Where Vinegar Can Be Used Effectively

People who offer services of house cleaning in Toronto have listed out the use of vinegar in the following ways:

  • Cleaning up the washing machine. You can also incorporate the use of baking soda to achieve cleanliness.
  • Mopping the windows


Clean and hygienic surroundings can be really impactful in an individual’s life. They can also create a better impression in the minds of their guests effectively in these ways.

You can also place indoor plants and use essential oils to avoid bacteria and toxic substances having any impact on your surroundings.