Deep Dive into Carpet Cleaning: Disinfecting, Sanitizing, and Fogging Demystified

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We always get confused while hearing terms like disinfecting, sanitizing, and fogging. Most of us consider it to be the same thing. But in reality, these three terms are entirely different from each other.

Many people are still confusing these three things that has caused a lot of confusion. However, the experts of advanced Carpet cleaning in Victoria have often cleared the confusion that has made their customers make the wrong decisions.

In this blog, we will shed light on various things that differentiate these three terms disinfection, sanitisation, and fogging from one another. We will also help people know which method will be suitable for removing dirt from various types of fabrics and ensure zero damage to the overall carpet.


Disinfecting is a process which eradicates harmful viruses and bacteria. In many cases, the most safest chemicals are used to eliminate these harmful bacterias and viruses from the various areas of your surroundings as per the best people specializing in advanced Carpet cleaning in Victoria. For example, desk surfaces, doorknobs, cabinets, computer keyboard, or in other areas.

To maintain the health and wellbeing of everybody, you need to get these things eliminated to ensure a healthy living environment for yourself and the people working in your workplace. This is also the biggest reason why you need to get your surroundings disinfected on a regular basis.


Sanitizing is a different term which is widely different from disinfecting. The bacteria and viruses don’t get eradicated in this process. Rather, their amount gets lowered down to a significant level, making it safe for us to live here. The best Home cleaners in Victoria use these alcohol-based solutions called sanitizers that are effective in destroying 99.9 % of germs within a particular length of time.

Sanitizing is the choice of people who want to cut down the size of microbes found on different surfaces while performing major cleaning tasks.


This is a disinfecting technique that involves spraying an extremely fine layer of mist from a disinfectant of your choice into the air. This mist drifts down and covers various areas and effectively disinfects the whole area with due effect, ensuring presence of zero germs in the room.

The most trusted and reliable Home cleaners in Victoria often use this method to disinfect an entire area. It is the best option to get rid of bacteria and germs from hard-to-reach areas that cannot be easily cleaned using the other two methods. 

Many people have opted for this technique to clean up areas and other objects such as tools and other types of equipment. They even vouch with the satisfaction they get after getting their rooms and areas fogged and disinfected, which will improve the overall air quality.

If you have materials or areas that are hard-to-reach and clean, fogging is the best method for you.