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Difference Between Commercial And Residential Cleaning Services


Do you know there are some kinds of differences between professional residential and commercial cleaning services?

Well, if you are considering hiring one, you should definitely know the key differences between them. In both cases, Cleaning Services Vancouver uses different types of methods, techniques, and technology for the cleaning process.

For commercial or residential areas, cleaning is one of the significant parts of the space. The reason why people encourage cleaning is not only associated with cleanliness or a hygienic environment to promote good health, but it also helps them to keep the area clean more.

If we talk about the similarities between residential and commercial cleaning services, their main goal is to ensure a healthy and clean environment.

In this blog, we will focus on the duties and the differences between the cleaning services you can get from Educational Institutions Cleaning Vancouver.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services are basically cleaning services that business owners, companies, or organizations hire professional cleaners to perform.

The business person hires them on a contract basis to conduct cleaning jobs on various premises. This is the reason why there are various things attached to the commercial building. Some commercial buildings include schools, commercial kitchens, offices, industrial and healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, warehouses, entertainment centers, and malls.

What Is Residential Cleaning?

On the other hand, residential cleaning specializes in cleaning domestic dwellings and homes. And the technology, technique, and method of the cleaning highly depend on the provider who hired them to clean the residential premises. For residential cleaning, the cleaner can be a member of a cleaning company or be self-employed.

What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Cleaning Services?

It is essential for every business, such as homes, offices, schools, or medical centers, to contract cleaning services.

It is basically divided into two primary groups with the common activities of cleaning. The two groups are:

  1. Commercial cleaning
  2. Residential cleaning

You can complete the cleaning services either by yourself or with the help of a professional cleaning service.

Let us now delve into the main differences between both services for a clear understanding.

These are some points that might help you a bit more:

  • Area of Coverage

One of the most significant differences between commercial cleaning services and the residential cleaning service is the space and the area that they cover. It is easier for them to complete residential cleaning services as it is a relatively smaller area than commercial buildings.

  • The process of cleaning

You might also find some differences in the process of cleaning commercial and residential spaces. For residential cleaning, they find it much more manageable. However, commercial space is technically a little more intricate. Hence the professionals divide commercial cleaning into different tasks to outweigh the load.

Nowadays, businesses and companies have their own procedures and processes for cleaning. For instance: cleaning in school is so much different than cleaning in the hotel. And cleaning at home is way different than cleaning in the office.