Easiest Methods of Cleaning Stone Benchtops

Tips for Stone Benchtops cleaning

Stone benchtops make your kitchen luxurious. Regular cleaning routinely means that you can maintain polish over the years. If you do not clean properly, it contributes to dullness and damage. Dull and stained stone benchtops not only affect lifespan but also affect your kitchen appearance. As stone benchtops is used in the kitchen regularly, it requires daily cleaning. Unclean stone benchtops can also contribute to building up harmful germs and bacteria. 

Setting up the stone benchtops in the kitchen is a durable and low-maintenance option. Everyday cleaning can help to maintain their appearance. Dirt, spills and acidic materials may impact the overall look of the stone benchtops. If you need to learn how to clean your benchtops, here is guidance that will be helpful to you. You can also get help from professional cleaners in Victoria. They may help remove stubborn stains from the benchtops without damaging them.

Collect cleaning instruments 

You need to collect the cleaning instruments that make it easy to clean daily. You need a sponge, a soft cloth, a mild soap solution, and a microfiber towel. Sealing if necessary. Often, professional Cleaners in Victoria use this method for cleaning.  

Daily Cleaning Routine 

Every day, cleaning your stone benchtops with a sponge and mild soap solution may help keep their benchtops clean and shining. Also, it helps to reduce the build-up of harmful germs and bacteria. 

Instant Act On Stains And Spills 

You must immediately react when it spills, such as wine, lemon juice, oils and others. It helps remove the stains and prevents the conversion into stubborn stains. 

Follow Sanitizing Protocol 

After handling the raw meat and fish on stone benchtops, it is essential to use isopropyl alcohol. It can help to reduce the infection and germs from the benchtops. 


You need a microfiber towel to remove the water spots. 

Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Different Types Of Stone Benchtops 

Granite Benchtops 

People often use granite benchtops in the kitchen because they have heat resistance properties and increase the kitchen’s appearance. This type of stone benchtop is hard and durable. It is essential to maintain cleanliness, which can help to eliminate harmful germs and keep them moist. 

If your kitchen has granite benchtops, then you need to seal them every three years, which helps protect them from germs. If it has stains, use the mild soap cleaning solution with water. Acidic material and oils may harm the appearance of stone benchtops. You need a damp and soft cleaning cloth that can help reduce the water spots. 

Synthetic Benchtops 

Synthetic benchtops are also known as engineered stone benchtops. It is used in the kitchen. It is easy to clean. You need to use a soft cloth with a mild soap solution for cleaning that can help to maintain the cleaning surface area. Avoid using chemical-based solutions that cause damage. 

Marble Benchtops 

Marble benchtops are mostly used in the kitchen because they are easy to clean and have heat-resistant properties. Marble benchtops are expensive stones. Maintaining cleanliness can help to extend their lifespan. You need to use a soft cloth for cleaning. With a sudden spill of acidic materials such as citrus, wine and coffee, you need to react immediately to help reduce the stains. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaning products that affect the marble. Different types of stone benchtops need different kinds of care. You need to use a mild soap solution and soft cloth that not only cleans your benchtops but has an extended lifespan. Regular cleaning is paramount to help clean surface areas and is good for your health. When you are seeking professional help with house cleaning in Victoria, contact Sweepy Maids. They use a reliable method to clean your house from the living room to the kitchen.