Effective Ways To Save Your Furniture After Flood

7 Tips For How To Clean Flood Damaged Furniture

Floods not only impact human lives but also damage their homes. Flood water can damage the home belongings like furniture, floors, and walls. It is essential to take immediate action to help reduce the heavy damage. You can help professional Cleaners in Vancouver clean your dirty furniture through the flood water. 

After The Flood, Take Photos

After a flood, you can take pictures from multiple angles where your belongings are damaged, including furniture that can help cover home insurance. You must take clear and close-up pictures.  

Check Water Type 

Professional Cleaners in Vancouver often check the water type before cleaning furniture. These steps can help the cleaner figure out that flood water has an impact on health. You know that flood water contains a lot of dirt and harmful bacteria that directly impact your health. It creates a severe illness as well as furniture and appliances.  

Dry It Out 

After a flood, you must put your furniture in a dry place that can help to reduce more damage. If you do not act immediately, the wood will swell if you need to remove all the drawers, which can help dry them properly. You must keep your furniture dry in direct sunlight, which may impact the wooden lifespan, so your furniture easily breaks. You need to dry under the fan and in shaded areas, which helps to increase the dry process without damage. Remember it: you cannot use heat-producing things such as hair dryers that negatively impact furniture. 


After a flood, you must immediately clean your wooden furniture because flood water carries dirt and many bacteria that impact your and your family’s health. You may use a soft brush and cloth to remove the dirt from the furniture. Avoid hard rubbing that negatively impacts your furniture’s appearance and reduces its lifespan. You need to properly dry it to help remove the harmful bacteria and germs from the furniture.

Manage Stains And Glues

If your furniture gets dirt stains, you need to gently rub the stains that can help to effectively remove the stains. Stained furniture can impact your home appearance. You can use cleaning solutions such as baking soda, vinegar, and liquid soap to help remove the stain from the furniture. It helps to maintain a clean appearance. Before using a cleaning solution, you must remove the excess water from the furniture with a paper towel and washcloth. If your furniture needs glue, you need to reapply, which can help reduce damage. 

Upholstered Furniture 

If you have upholstery furniture, you need to dry it first. Upholstered furniture easily gets damaged when connected to water. It can make your furniture discolored and smelly. You immediately remove the water and dry it, which helps to prevent further damage. 
Saving the home furniture can be difficult, but taking immediate action can help reduce the damage to furniture. You can get professional help that makes it easier for you. If your home gets dirty water and needs House Cleaning in Victoria, contact Sweepy Maids. Professional cleaners can help make free your home germs and bacteria and improve your overall appearance.