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Efficient Upkeep and Cleaning How to Lower Allergens in Your Home


However, if you have allergies or asthma, you should feel safe in your own house.

Professional Cleaners in Vancouver offer some incredible advice on how to minimise triggers in your house.

The Top 5 Common Allergens in Your Home

1. Mould:

Mould has unsightly consequences for your health in addition to its unsightly appearance.

It is well known that mould spores can cause histamine or allergy reactions, which can manifest as fatigue, painful eyes, runny noses, and breathing difficulties.

If you are doing the mould removal yourself, hold off on using the bleach. 1:1 vinegar and water solution can be used to treat minor mould contamination. Clean, allow the air to dry, and repeat as necessary.

For mould to grow, it needs humidity. Here are a few measures by house cleaning in Toronto you may take to keep your house free of mould.

To reduce moisture and prevent the formation of mould in smaller spaces, use a dehumidifier or DampRid.

  • Exhaust fans are a must when taking a shower; to reduce condensation, you should ideally 
  • keep the fan going for at least ten minutes after you step out.
  • Allows fresh air to circulate in your house.
  • As soon as you find minor infestations, clean them up.

2. Hair and Dander in Pets

Allergies are typically brought on by the hair or dander that pets shed. However, other people’s eyes moisten at the mere mention of a dog or cat.

Make sure the pet you are considering getting is short-haired before bringing it inside your house. Compared to others, they shed less.

Using a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter vacuum to clean your carpet can help you target pet dander because of its ability to collect tiny particles.

Nowadays, HEPA vacuums are considerably more reasonably priced, and they are well worth the money.

We advise against sharing a bed with your pet and to always keep them groomed. Trim their nails, give them frequent baths, and remember to wash them.

3. Pollen

Although pollen is frequently found outside, it may also enter buildings. Pollen can enter your house through open windows, doors, and ventilation systems, leading to allergic responses. When certain plants discharge a lot of pollen into the air during allergy seasons, it cannot be easy.

4. Harmful Chemicals

A few chemicals, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paints, air fresheners, cleaning supplies, and pesticides, might irritate certain people’s respiratory systems and trigger allergic responses. Indoor air may include these irritants, particularly in poorly ventilated areas.

5. Dust Mites Thousands of dust mites are now residing in your house.

The faeces these parasites produce every day—double their body weight—cause health problems. It has seven active enzymes and seventeen distinct allergens that can penetrate our respiratory system and lungs and trigger an allergic response.

Your mattress is one of their preferred locations to reside and feed on the dead skin cells we shed as we sleep since they love warm, dark environments.
In order to make your home allergy-free, get in touch with Sweepy Maids for Cleaners in Vancouver. Start living a healthy lifestyle by taking the first step of cleaning.