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From Cloudy to Crystal Clear: Your Secret Weapon Against Detergent Film on Tiles

Why choose professional cleaning service for a clean workspace?

We have often encountered some kind of hazy formation on our tiles even after cleaning them thoroughly. It usually happens due to a buildup of residue from the cleaning products we use, also known as detergent haze.

This thing takes years to form and it makes the tiles look really bad once it appears on it.

In this blog, we will talk about this problem, the reasons why it forms on these tiles and the best ways offered by the Cleaners in Vancouver to tackle such problems effectively.

How Does a Hazy Film Get Formed?

It is a fact that we all use aftermarket solutions to clean our floors for the purpose of eliminating bacteria from various elements. But these products often carry elements that give birth to this residue, which takes a lot of time to build up and become noticeable. 

Cleaning products that have higher pH values will leave behind a much visible residue. According to the Cleaners in Vancouver, They are usually promoted as heavy-duty cleaners that are designed to remove grease.

How Can I Prevent Buildup Of This Haze From Tiles?

If you are using heavy-duty cleaners, you have to rinse the tiles with fresh water after cleaning, which is a hard task.

Apart from that, the people involved in House cleaning in Toronto have the best tips to eliminate such buildups effectively in the following ways:

  1. Identify the Tiles: It is important to know the type of tile that is on your floor or surfaces. This will help you identify the perfect solution. You should keep in mind that acid is not suitable for natural stone tiles but can be safely used on man-made ones.
  2. Select Your Product: You shall be mindful while selecting the product for cleaning your tiles as they can have certain elements within them, which can be really detrimental to them or the whole flooring. Not only that, these products can have side effects on your health, which can be really harmful. Hence, choose your solution carefully, which will be really beneficial.
  3. Methods to Apply The Product: You need to mop on the acidic cleaning solution and let it dwell for 5 minutes. After that, dry the floor with a towel to pick up the solutions to reduce the chances of unwanted film formation. Then, you should pour fresh water into the area and let it dry. This process will be required to be repeated to achieve the best outcomes.

How to eliminate Grout Lines

The best people who are providing the services of House cleaning in Toronto prefer brushing these lines with vinegar with a brush, you can get these lines brightened up effectively.


Detergent haze and grout lines in tilings are major concerns for various households. You can use the methods given above to solve these problems and improve the appearance of your surroundings with due effect.

If you are not satisfied with the final solutions, then don’t hesitate and contact the people involved in such services. They will help you achieve freedom from such buildups and eliminate lines that are darker in colour.