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Locally Owned And Operated

How to Deep Clean Your House Quickly and Efficiently


Everyone likes to clean the house, but he hates cleaning. A clean home gives a comfortable and peaceful mind and a healthy life. Those people with a pet/ dog make dirty carpets, which create a thousand germs and bacteria. That is where carpet cleaning in Nanaimo comes in.

Before getting started cleaning 

  1. Remove unwanted things: remove all unwanted things which are not helpful to the home.
  2. Make a schedule: after making a schedule then, you clean your house timely
  3. gather supplies: gather all thing to using cleaning house
  4. Use a cleaner like scrub and sanitizer; use all the power to scrub a floor, wall, window, etc.
  5. Clean the dishes; clean all the dishes and regularly clean the dishwasher
  6. Use the total step to clean to house
  7. Don’t forget to drain

 Sweepy maids use some gadgets to clean the house quickly and efficiently gadgets 

  1. Duster
  2. Sanitizer
  3. Spray bottle
  4. Gloves
  5. Floor cleaner

All gadgets used to clean our home

First, you start cleaning your room, like dusting, before removing unwanted things and then cleaning the room. It would help if you cleaned the first top area like a fan, light, or any decoration item. After dusting them, you clean the bottom space. And clean all the things you need in the room. Use scrub and mop to clean the floor, wall, table, etc., and spray sanitizer all over our room to remove bacteria and germs.

After the second step, clean the washroom and bathroom using products like bathroom scrub spray, sink cleaner brush and dry mobe, glass cleaner, etc. You should start in the bathroom, scrub the tab and use sanitizer, then leave for 5 minutes and clean the tap. Then, clean the mirror with the glass cleaner, use a soft scrub, and then mob the mirror. Afterward, it would help if you cleaned the floor using the scrub for the window, door, taps, sink, and dry mop on the floor. Afterward, put an item including soap, handwash, tissue, and towel.

Third step: clean the kitchen first, remove the thing that does not belong to the kitchen, and clean the area after cleaning the dishwasher and door window. Then put an item to clean, like dishes. Before cleaning any item, spray a sanitizer to remove the bacteria and germs and leave a five mint; then put a thing like stove containers and small gadgets to help the kitchen and also check electronic items it useful or not and wash all mats, and kitchen towel, etc. and put them to soak after mopping the floor. Leave them to dry

Fourth step: clean the bedroom after removing a thing. Then you clean the top appliance, put a new bed sheet, cover and mop the floor, clean the living room and window door, and use a vacuum to clean all the sofas. After cleaning, put a decoration item, painting, lights, showpiece, etc.

Fifth step: clean laundry and garbage. After doing all, wash all dirty clothes using washing powder and sanitizer, then put them to soak and dry. Pure rubbish, including unwanted things, is helpful to put in one box and through the trash used for recycling.


To clean your house correctly, then clean all your gadgets and tools. A clean home provides a suitable environment. If you are looking for professional Cleaners in Vancouver, look no further than Sweepy Maids.