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How to Remove a Red Wine Stain from Carpet


Getting rid of wine stains from clothes is usually an easy job. When red wine spills on a garment, you can generally soak the material and launder it afterward to eliminate the stain. However, getting rid of red wine stains from a carpet is not a simple task.

Why do you need to treat red wine stains as soon as they happen?

When dealing with stains on your carpet, swift action is crucial. Immediate treatment with household items or professional Cleaners in Vancouver can make a significant difference, ensuring an easier cleanup and preventing lasting damage to your carpet.

How to take out red wine stains from your carpet?

Step 1 – Get onto the red wine carpet stain early

Act swiftly when red wine meets your carpet. Don’t let it settle; tackle it instantly to avoid a stubborn stain. Time is your ally; make it your first move.

Step 2 – Apply white vinegar solution

Grab white vinegar – your secret weapon. Mix a solution and gently blot the stain. Let the vinegar magic break down the wine’s grip on your carpet fibres.

Step 3 – Rinse, dry and blot

After the second step, rinse the area. Pat it dry with a clean cloth, gently blotting away any remnants of the red wine saga. Be patient; let it breathe. For professional care, consider experts in House Cleaning in Toronto.

Step 4 – Remove excess water and cleaning solution

Don’t drown your carpet in water. Blot away excess moisture and cleaning solution. Your carpet deserves a gentle touch. Keep it simple and keep it clean.

What to do with Dried Red Wine Stain on Carpet

Step 1 – Apply water and salt

Immediately blot the red wine stain with a damp cloth. Sprinkle salt generously over the stain. The salt helps absorb the wine, while water dilutes it for easier removal.

Step 2 – Leave overnight

Allow the salt to work its magic by leaving it overnight. This gives it time to absorb the moisture and colour from the stain, making it easier to lift. If available, consider consulting professional Cleaners in Vancouver for specialized assistance.

Step 3 – Scoop and vacuum

Gently scoop up the salt residue with a spoon or spatula. Vacuum the remaining salt particles. Your carpet should now show significant improvement, with the red wine stain noticeably reduced or completely gone.

Wine Stain Removal for Solution Dyed Nylon Carpets 

To tackle red wine stains on solution-dyed nylon carpets, act swiftly. Blot excess wine with a clean cloth, then mix hot water and soap. Gently dab the stain, avoiding vigorous rubbing. Rinse with water and pat dry. 


Our quick steps and a touch of care work wonders. With a gentle blend of dish soap and water, the red wine stain bows out. Your carpet, courtesy of Sweepy Maid’s expertise in House Cleaning in Toronto, gleams anew. Here’s to pristine carpets and seamless cleanups!