Indicators that your parents may require assistance for independent living

Senior Caregivers in Vancouver

Nobody wants to see their parents ageing and admit that they are getting old. Even the parents do not consider themselves old citizens, but the truth is that they are getting old as it continues; living alone at home parents gets tough with time. While they might disagree with it, elderly parents do start to face difficulties in their everyday routine, especially the ones living independently; therefore, you need to look for some signs that might indicate whether they require assistance to live at home or not and hire a Private In-Home Care in Surrey if needed. 

Signs that indicate that your parents might require assistance for living independently 

They have lost a significant amount of weight.

When you see a significant amount of weight loss in your parents who live independently, this can only mean that they are not eating the diet that is required for their good health. The reason could be that they are not  able to go out and get groceries for themselves as well as prepare and cook food. With age, people start to lose stamina and find it difficult to complete their everyday tasks, including cleaning and cooking. Hence, they start to lose weight as a result of insufficient diet. 

They are falling back on their hygiene habits.

Suppose the parents who used to run after hygiene and constantly poke you to clean your mess are now no longer paying attention to cleanliness around them or are not even taking care of their bodies. In that case, this can be a big indication that they are struggling with cognitive decline, and the low stamina is resulting in exhaustion; therefore, they are avoiding taking showers, shaving, and laundering their clothes. Since cleanliness can not be neglected, especially with senior citizens, you should contact senior caregivers in Vancouver to maintain cleanliness for your parents. 

Cupboards are bare

The cupboards that used to be full of food are not mostly empty and are only stuffed with unhealthy and ready-to-eat food. It is time to look after your parents changed food habits and make sure that they get a complete meal and are well-fed on time. 

You are hearing “funny” stories of them getting lost too often.

Now and then, you are hearing stories from your parents about how they got lost in the grocery store or parking lot, and it is happening too often. This could indicate that your parents might be suffering from early dementia or Alzheimer’s. While these stories may come off as funny moments, they can be scary when your parents start to wander off to places they have no relation with. Therefore, you must look out for these signs if you encounter these stories way too often. 

They are falling too easily and too often.

The reason for your parents falling too often is a sign of physical and cognitive decline. With age, people start to lose their sense of balance, and they find it tough to walk from one place to another without support. Make sure that your house is safe inside and out, and remove any obstructions that might cause them to fall and harm themselves. Falling in old age can cause severe health damage; therefore, make sure that the corridors and especially stairways are safe for them to walk. 

These indicators can help you assess whether your parents can still manage independent living or if they need some additional support and care to navigate daily tasks smoothly.