Locally Owned And Operated

Locally Owned And Operated

Make Your Home Sparkle With Sweepy Maid

Eco-friendly cleaning solution for Tile and Grout

A clean home provides a sense of peace and Relaxation. Walking into a clear space and fresh air can lighten up your mood and take the stress off your shoulders. However, the packed schedule does allow that to happen. Many individuals who work all day are not able to make time to clean their homes, which leads to dust and dirt collecting all over the house. But what if you had a magical cleaning partner who could sweep up all the dust while you sit back and relax?

With Sweepy Maid, make that happen. Use your free time not to waste more energy on cleaning but to sit back and relax while we do the cleaning for you. We offer a number of cleaning services, whether you need a weekly clean up or occasional; we are available to fulfil all your cleaning requirements. 

Our well-trained cleaners and in-depth knowledge and skills in cleaning are attained with years of experience. We understand that letting someone else handle your precious possessions can be worrisome. Sweepy Maid cleans all your worries away by paying attention to detail and handling all the contents of your home with utter care. 

We use advanced technological tools and equipment to ensure that your home is cleaned from top-to-bottom with no damage. Our unique method of cleaning makes the cleaning process quick and efficient, making your home sparkle without you lifting a finger.

Contact Sweepy Maid today and let your home be free from dust and dirt. Reach us through our website or give us a call to schedule a booking for the finest cleaning service.