Preparation guidance and the process of cleaning the House walls.

Preparation guidance and the process of cleaning the House walls

In daily cleaning house activities we usually considered dusting the dirt, sweeping the floor or mopping the floor. We forget about the walls of the house. A neat and clean wall gives a more cleaned impression of a house. A house with cleaned walls looks more beautiful. But usually we don’t know how to keep our walls clean? In this blog we will be telling you how you can clean different types of walls of your home.

Determine the wall type: Firstly it is important to know what type of wall you are about to clean, as different types of wall need different methods of cleaning. So, different types of walls are: 

  • Painted Walls: Usually in the Interiors of houses we see painted walls. Painted walls are very easy to clean
  • Wallpapered walls: When any kind of wallpaper is used on the wallpaper then it is considered as the wallpapered wall. They require more consciousness to clean them as they are a little delicate. You can get them cleaned by professionals as well.
  • Brick Walls: When a wall is constructed with the bricks then it comes in the category of brick walls. They are also easy to clean.
  • Textured Walls: When you can see different types of textures on the walls such as popcorn or stucco design on the walls, this comes under texture walls. 
  • Wood paneled walls: It is the surface of the wall covered with wood panels or planks. These panels can be made from various types of wooden. Cleaning them by yourself may seem a task, you can ask for help from the best House Cleaners in Victoria.

Preparation Guide to clean the wall

To clean the walls, there are some guidance step to follow as per your need to get your walls cleaned properly by the best House Cleaners in Victoria:

  • Remove the furniture away from the wall to protect the furniture from any kind of damage
  • Use a microfiber cloth to dust out the surrounding area and the wall to remove the extra dust.
  • Fill the inconspicuous area of the wall with the cleaning solution to ensure it doesn’t damage paint.
  • Gather all the required equipment and cleaning supplies which are required to clean the particular wall.
  • Protect the floor with a cloth to catch any drops or spills which can happen during the cleaning process.
  • While cleaning the wall keep the window open to make sure fast drying of the wall.

Cleaning Process:

  • Firstly decide with the cleaning solution according to the wall requirement, as some walls may require strong cleaning solution and some may require mild cleaning solution. 
  • Use a soft cloth or a sponge, dip it into solution and wipe that cleaning solution over the wall properly. Get it wiped on the overall wall. 
  • Keep in mind to rinse the cloth or sponge in clean water to avoid spread of the dirt over the wall.
  • For some stubborn stains, you can use a strong cleaning solution and scrub motion cleaning on it. But be careful to avoid any kind of damage on the wall.
  • After wiping out the cleaning solution on the entire wall, get it rinsed with the clean water.
  • After cleaning the water with clean water make sure that the room has proper ventilation and open the windows to allow the wall to dry up as soon as possible.

These are some general steps you can follow to get your wall cleaned properly. But still if you feel that it is a complicated task or your wall requires professional cleaning then we suggest you consult the best Cleaners in Victoria.