The Power Of White Vinegar: Uses in Cleaning

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For some people, cleaning can be daunting, but if you have certain tips and tricks up your sleeve, it can be fun. Cleaning supplies are not always required to get optimal results. You can spotlessly clean things with natural ingredients as well. If you need deep cleaning, you can hire professional cleaners in Vancouver. The cost of hiring professional cleaners is budget-friendly. However, if it is a routine cleaning or manageable task, you can clean it yourself by following some DIY methods with a key ingredient. It is none other than “White Vinegar”. Along with its uses in cooking, it is an exceptional cleaning agent. Let us explore how it can be used for cleaning. 

What Makes White Vinegar An Excellent Cleaning Agent?

White Vinegar has many uses and benefits. It can be used in cooking and has medicinal properties. Besides this, it is widely used in cleaning as it is an excellent non-toxic substance and environmentally safe. White vinegar is produced from acetic acid; it is a great disinfectant capable of fighting multiple germs. In addition, it is biodegradable and non-toxic. As a result, it provides great results from grout lines to mould. Professional house cleaners in Calgary also recommend using white vinegar in DIY cleaning. 

Uses Of White Vinegar In Cleaning

Vinegar has the following uses in cleaning:

Mould Cleaning

Mould is a harmful fungus and can cause problems, especially for people with a weaker immune system. Thus, cleaning is essential for hygiene and good health. It develops in a moist atmosphere and can cause odour as well. To clean this, our magical ingredient of white vinegar is enough. To get rid of mould, spray white vinegar directly on the mould and leave it for an hour to do its magic. If you do not get the desired results, hire a professional house cleaning in Calgary

Kitchen Stove Cleaning

Usually, kitchen stoves are made of stainless steel; it is also used in other kitchen appliances, and white vinegar is a great ingredient to clean it. Grease can damage stainless steel if not cleaned on time. The kitchen stove also easily gets smudged and stained. Moreover, it is essential to clean it with great care because it can easily be scratched. Follow the proper methods to clean your home, as some cleaning mistakes can make your home dirtier. Vinegar can be mixed with water or also added to liquid soap and directly applied to smudges or grease. Leave it for some time and clean it. As vinegar also has disinfectant properties, it can help remove odour from the kitchen stove. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Another thing you can clean with the help of white vinegar is tile and grout. For professional results, you can hire cleaners in Vancouver, as there are many benefits to hiring a cleaner. Vinegar can help you clean, disinfect and remove the odour from the tiles and grout. Although it may have an unpleasant smell, it is a small price you can pay to get exceptional results. Grout helps hold tiles together, but when not cleaned properly, it can cause bacteria issues and affect their structure. Use vinegar and baking soda mix and form a paste. Apply it on the grout and leave it for 30 minutes. Scrub it gently and mop the floor. Remember not to use this method regularly, as it can wear off the grout. 


You can clean like a professional, provided that you know the right methods and tricks to clean. You can hire house cleaners in Calgary for exceptional cleaning results or use white vinegar. It can be used to clean your kitchen stove, mould, tiles and grout, as it is a great cleaning agent.