The Top 7 Carpet Cleaning Techniques Used by Experts

Most of us attempt to clean our carpets ourselves since we believe we can save more money. Although DIY carpet cleaning has some drawbacks, it also has some restrictions. If you intend to clean your carpets, it means that you are familiar with the many types of carpet fiber, their construction, and the best cleaning tools for each job. You could certainly clean your carpet thoroughly on your own, but we have the necessary carpet expertise, equipment, and cleaning solutions. While you get on with something more enjoyable, a professional carpet cleaning company can complete the task more effectively and with far less effort.

Professional carpet cleaning companies use a range of cleaning methods to clean carpets in both homes and businesses. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages of its own. However, how will you be able to determine which is best for your carpet?

There are a variety of opinions on the most effective ways to clean our carpets. The majority of people believe that steam cleaning is the greatest technique for reviving carpets.

Here are the 7 distinct carpet cleaning techniques that experts use.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning: A professional cleaner will steam clean your carpet using contemporary cleaning equipment. At Carpet Cleaning Kings, we use top-notch hot water extraction (steam cleaning) equipment, so we can ensure extreme heat and suction, which enhances results.

Dry Cleaning: One of the more recent cleaning methods that have gained acceptance and favor among leading carpet manufacturers is due to its effective cleaning capabilities and convenience (because it doesn’t require drying time).

Carpet shampooing: The disadvantages of this technology include leaving behind a lot of wet foam residues in the carpet, taking a long time to dry, becoming sticky when it dries because no rinsing is done after shampooing, and quickly re-soiling carpet, even if it may seem to clean highly stained carpet. 

DRY FOAM: This technique, which often uses counter-rotating cylindrical brushes, is quite similar to shampooing in that it depends on how vigorously the hair is brushed. The only distinction is that the solution is applied as a foam shortly before the brushes rather than a liquid like when shampooing.

Preconditioning: Starting the process with preconditioning solutions on a hot carpet allows the soil particles time to bond with the fibers and facilitates removal afterward. This helps get rid of stubborn dirt. The preconditioning chemical you employ depends on the carpet’s fabric.

Encapsulation: It is built on synthetic detergents, which, when dried, crystallize into powder. Early attempts at encapsulation formulations had problems since any residues left behind would keep attracting dirt, leading carpets to quickly become dirty again after cleaning.

Bonnet Cleaning: This type of mechanism needs to be used with skill. Using powerful motorized equipment with a spinning pad that has been dipped in the cleaning solution to absorb dirt from the carpet surface, mostly involves cleaning the top part of the carpet fiber, producing effective surface cleaning results.

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