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Locally Owned And Operated

The Ultimate Guide to Home Cleaning

Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services

A couple of years ago, cleaning a house was more of a luxury, but today, a clean home has become a necessity. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the commercial and domestic service industry by force, and house Cleaning Services Surrey are no exception. Prior to the pandemic period, mere dusting, vacuum cleaning, scrubbing, and checking for insects were the cleaning norms.

But today, the process of house cleaning has been redefined. 

Check out the latest cleaning trends for a stunning house cleaning experience

  • High-Touch Area Cleaning: Try and frequently clean surfaces that are frequently touched by visitors and outsiders. For example, you should regularly clean doorknobs, handles of your car, doorbell switch, tables, chair arms, etc. By doing so you can prevent viruses and germs from entering your home.
  • Disinfect Your Premises: It is vital to disinfect your premises on a regular basis for which you need the house cleaning in Surrey, Vancouver given by the professionals. The process of disinfection removes and inactivates hazardous microorganisms that are life-threatening.
  • Deep Clean: Deep cleaning prevents the spread of allergies, infections, and viruses as well as keeping track of mold, clutter, and dust. A clean home or workspace will help keep your loved ones in a good mood and help them boost morale & confidence. Typically, deep house cleaning involves cleaning hidden places like under the bed, ceiling fans, sanitizing trash cans, vacuuming door frames & lampshades, and so much more.
  • High Hygiene Standards: The importance of hygiene in these troubled times is unprecedented. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the bathrooms of your house clean and disinfected. Proper hygienic precautions can help protect your health and your loved ones.

Why choose Sweepy Maid for house cleaning services?

  • Registered cleaning company

Sweepy Maid is a registered cleaning company and transcends cleaning with exceptional standards. Our cleaning team leaves no stone unturned when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting premises.

  • Verified and skilled employees

Sweepy Maid professional cleaners are verified employees, fully vaccinated, and take all the necessary COVID-19 precautions as prescribed by the government authorities.

  • Customer-oriented service 

We have an excellent record of offering detailed cleaning services in Surrey, Langley, Vancouver, Richmond, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Coquitlam.

  • Advanced & Non-toxic cleaning products

We use advanced, pet-friendly cleaning products & techniques, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Over two hundred customers have awarded us 5-star ratings in a feedback survey.

  • Economical service

We offer pocket-friendly and flexible cleaning services to our customers and are known for providing time-efficient cleaning & sanitization services for homes and commercial areas.

Bottom Line

Did you know, the bacteria count of a surface can increase up to 31% per day? And 35% of people are motivated to clean after they smell something bad? Don’t wait for your place to start stinking, so get up and clean! Don’t have time? Don’t worry, call Sweepy Maid at +1-855-793-3752 and leave the rest on us.

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