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Tips To Protect Carpet In A Rental Home

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Being a tenant isn’t easy as even though you live under a roof, you still need to be careful about it, as any damage to the home, such as the walls, blinds, curtains, and even carpets, can make the landlord unhappy. When the rug is damaged, it not only makes the house look old and dirty but also makes it unwelcoming. No matter how clean you keep your house, it will always seem unorganised and dirty if the carpet isn’t neat and tidy. Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips you can follow to keep your carpet neat and clean, like the cleaners in Vancouver

Tips To Protect A Carpet In A Rental House. 

If you are a tenant who wants to make their landlord happy, then it is essential that you protect their property and everything that is included in it, even the carpets. Some of the tips that you can follow to keep your carpets clean are:

Protect The Carpet From The Kids.

If you have kids at home, you need to be prepared, as they will make a mess no matter how much you try to stop them. Getting them not to make a mess is a tough job, but you can find a solution so they don’t damage the carpet. 

Consider covering most of the carpet with a rug, especially in areas more likely to experience a mess, such as the living room. If your kitchen floor also has a carpet, you need to be aware that kids make the most mess while eating, which can lead to hard stains. Therefore, you can invest in a good quality plastic sheet to keep it under the dinner table and protect the carpet from food. 

Be An Expert Stain Remover. 

Wherever you go, stains and spills will follow you everywhere in your home, so it is better to be prepared for these clumsy moments by contacting house cleaning in Calgary, as carpets can get damaged and lose their shine forever if not cleaned properly. You can follow some tips to deal with spills and stains, such as:

  • Clean the spills instantly right after they take place.
  • Don’t rub the carpet spills aggressively, as it can push it into the fibres and damage them.
  • Dry the spill with a clean cloth, ensuring it does not spread.
  • Prepare the tools required to clean the spills and keep them in a quickly accessible place. 

Embrace Rugs.

A nice, classy rug looks lovely and acts as a shield for the carpet by protecting it from all the spills and dust. Placing a rug on your carpet that matches the ambience of your home will give it a classy look, and you also would not have to worry about any spills and stains on the carpet as the rug will protect it all the time. 

No More Shoes.

Shoes can be your carpet’s enemy as they take along all the dust, dirt, debris and chemicals you have stepped on. As soon as you walk on your carpet with this dirt, it sticks to the carpet and is absorbed by it. This can make your carpet look dirty and make it smell bad and contaminated with gems and dirt. Therefore, applying a no shoes policy would work the best for your carpet. You can place a rack for your shoes at the entrance and allow the people to either walk in their socks inside the home or arrange some slippers to wear only inside the house.

These are some tips you can follow as a tenant to keep your carpet clean, like house cleaning in Calgary. These tips would not only help to make your landlord happy but also give your home a nice and clean environment that always smells fresh.