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Why Do Allergies Get Sparked by Dust Mites?


An itching nose is the first symptom. Next appear headaches, sore throats, and, of course, constant sneezing. 

Living with allergies may be really unpleasant. Seek help from Cleaners in Vancouver and get rid of them. One of the worst things that can cause these responses isn’t what you might think. 

Introducing the microscopic creatures that might be causing your allergy symptoms: dust mites. 

Dust Mites 

No matter how well-kept a house is, dust mites will always be there. They belong to the arachnid class and are quite small. The reason dust mites receive their name is that they consume organic material found in dusty environments, such as dead skin cells and small food particles.   

With time, the problem of allergy can increase. People suffering from asthma find it very difficult to breathe in a dusty environment. 

It also triggers the various symptoms of other allergies. It is better to ask for a professional cleaning session from top cleaners of House Cleaning in Toronto. 

Methods to reduce the problem of Dust Mites 

Sunlight in House: 

Direct sunlight eliminates dust mites. So, it is crucial to keep the window open during the daytime, or placing a bed sheet or mattress in the sunlight can reduce the problem of dust mites. 

Don’t be afraid to give your mattress a good hammering in the sunlight. Take out your frustrations on your mattress with a broomstick. This will assist in removing dust mites, their faeces, and dead skin cells that these mites feed on.

Mattress Protector:

Buying Asthma and Allergy friendly mattresses or pillow covers is the best investment. 

Flip Bedding Every Week: 

Wash bedding in water that is at least 55 degrees once a week. Every week, you should also wash any soft toys that are kept in the bedroom. Use a washing product with essential oils, such as eucalyptus or tea tree, which can kill dust mites in cold water if you are unable to use hot water. 

Less Humidity: 

Keep humidity less than 50% in their home. You can maintain humidity with exhaust fans, especially while cooking or showering. Using a dehumidifier can be a game changer. Remember to dry your clothing outside and turn on the dry setting on your air conditioner. 

Vacuuming Regularly: 

Everything should be vacuumed! If at all feasible, use a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter hoover to clean carpets and soft furniture once a week.

Talk With Professionals: 

If signs become severe, then it is best to consult with experts, and if anyone feels the necessity of treatment, then they need to book a session with their doctors as well. 


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