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Why is it important to organize the fridge?

Tips to organize your fridge.

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Why is it important to organize your fridge? 

There are several reasons that are important to organize your fridge. 

  • Wastage of food: Less food waste because you can see exactly what you have, and food would not perish prematurely. 
  • Meal planning and preparation: It Will make meal planning and preparing things like school lunches and dinners simpler
  • Save your expenses: It saves you cash because you won’t be doubling up on things when you shop. Having things compartmentalized could minimize the chances of contamination.

Some tips to organize your fridge. 

There are different ways to organize your refrigerator. 

  • Clean out your fridge: Start fresh by throwing out any items that may be expired and wipe clean the shelves and drawers. Cleaning your refrigerator may prevent the growth of bacteria and mould and help keep food fresh. 
  • Get familiar with your fridge layout: Different parts of your fridge will have cooler temperatures as well as different humidity settings in the crisper drawers. Become familiar with the areas of your refrigerator that remain cooler so that you know where certain items should go.
  • Invest in clear bins and other organization products: Keeping your fridge organized will be easier if you use clear storage bins that are organized by food categories for quick scanning. Lazy Susans are also great options to organize and add storage space.
  • Keep perishables within line of sight: For food items that have a shorter shelf life, keep them within easy visibility. You can even choose to have a bin as a designated spot you know to check first for snacking or cooking
  • Store raw meats and dairy on lower shelves: Raw meats, dairy and other perishables are generally stored on lower shelves to keep them as cold as possible since this is typically the coldest part of the fridge. Consider placing meats in glass or plastic containers to prevent juices from leaking onto other foods.
  • Use the door for condiments and other less perishables: The door is the part of the fridge that is most susceptible to fluctuations in temperatures, so it is best to utilize this area for nut butters, pasteurized juices, condiments like ketchup and mustard, pickles and olives. You can also use it for storing beer and other beverages.

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