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How often office cleaning needs to be done?

Keeping your office clean is a very important task as it impacts the productivity of the employees and the growth of the company. Clean working space motivates the employees and also keeps their health in a good condition which directly or indirectly helps in increasing the output of the work. So keeping your workspace clean is important. Now the question comes to mind is how often you should clean your office? The cleaning of the office may vary on different aspects. Some work spaces may need daily cleaning service and some might need weekly whereas some may need deep cleaning by commercial cleaners in Victoria monthly or annually. 

Office cleaning frequency:

Office cleaning frequency simply means how often the cleaning of the office needs to be done. Major types of office cleaning frequency are:

  1. Daily Cleaning: Daily cleaning includes the general task of dusting, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning washrooms and kitchen area. These tasks are performed on a daily basis to maintain a clean environment.
  2. Weekly Cleaning: Weekly cleaning includes those areas which are not cleaned on a regular basis like windows, doors, tables etc. Weekly cleaning includes little deep cleaning then regular basis.
  3. Deep Cleaning: Deep cleaning in simple language can be said as washing the whole office. It includes proper cleaning of the whole office. It can be done once in a month or once in six months, It varies according to the office as well.

Some of the factors on which office cleaning frequency depend are:

  • Number of employees working in the office: Companies with a large number of employees working need cleaning more frequently. More the employes in a work space, the more dirt will be coming in with them through their walking. In Fact in the rainy season it will create more mess. So a work space with more employees needs at least regular mopping and dusting. This deep cleaning process is required once or twice in a year at least.
  • Office space is shared or not: If your office space is shared with another company then it means more employees which will be impacting the cleanliness of the office. In shared office space the washrooms and kitchen areas are also shared which may require regular cleaning. Regular cleaning activities such as mopping, dusting, vacuuming etc are required in shared office space.
  • How often clients visit your office: If the walking in of the clients are too much then it may also bring more dust with them which needs regular cleaning of the office and deep cleaning of the office once in the month.
  • The size of the office: The size of the office can affect the cleaning frequency. If the size of the office is big and there are also a large number of employees working in it which requires regular cleaning and deep cleaning once in a week. But if your office size is big but the number of employees are not much then you can go for daily general cleaning and deep cleaning once in a month as well.

If you are also looking to get your office space cleaned then we suggest you ask for professional cleaners in Victoria.