How To Remove The Rust From Your Car?

Let The Cleaning Begin

With everyday use, rust can find its way to your vehicle, which not only damages it but also makes it appear unappealing. However, there is always a solution if you want to find one, even for your rusty car! You can take several measures to effectively get rid of the rust on your car’s surface and bring it back to its original form. Read on to how to deal with rust and remove it professionally, like commercial cleaners in Victoria

What Causes The Rust On The Car?

Before we learn about the ways to remove rust, let’s learn how your vehicle is exposed to rust. The surface of the vehicle starts to show signs of dust due to oxidation of iron and steel components in the presence of moisture and oxygen. Mentioned below are some of the prime factors that lead to rust on a car’s surface:

  • Moisture: When metal on your car’s surface is exposed to water, the chemical changes create an environment that leads to oxidation. 
  • Oxygen: The oxygen present in the air reacts with the iron in the metal, forming iron oxide, which is known as rust. 
  • Scratches And Paint Damage: When the car experiences any scratches, chips or damage to the surface, the metal underneath is exposed to the oxidising elements present in the air, which results in rust. Paint on the car works as a protective shield for it from rust. The removal of the shield makes the car a victim of rust. 
  • Dirt And Grime: Everyday use of cars causes the accumulation of dirt and grim on the car surface, which traps the moisture, resulting in the development of rust.
  • Lack Of Drainage: Several areas of the car can collect water due to improper drainage, which can expose the metal to the water for too long, resulting in rust development. 
  • Environmental Conditions: Harsh environmental conditions like salt-laden air in the area you are based in can lead to rusting. 

How To Remove Rust From The Car?

Maintaining your car regularly is essential as it can help you to prevent the car from being exposed to rust. Regular car washing and waxing can do the job if you don’t know how to properly maintain your vehicle, or you can consult cleaners in Victoria for a professional job. Regular maintenance allows you to address all the damage, scratches or paint that has been removed and protect it by applying rust inhibitors or protective coatings. The early addressing of these signs and maintaining them regularly can prevent further damage to the car with the help of commercial cleaners in Victoria. Although it is ideal to go for professional cleaners in Victoria, here are some things that you can do to yourself to manage the damage:

Treat Surface Rust

The first thing you can do is to stop the rust from spreading and treat it before it reaches deep into the car’s surface. The rust develops on the car’s surface when the paint breaks down due to mechanical damage or damage by the UV rays. Rust can be treated by looking for early signs of damage, such as paint nicks, cracks and scratches. The damage usually takes place due to UV rays, which should be treated right away to avoid further damage with the help of 50-grit sandpaper. The sandpaper allows you to remove the paint and the corrosion until you reach the metal surface. Apply a rust inhibitor to convert the remaining iron oxide in metal to a chemically stable and moisture-resistant compound. 

Not just the metal but also other measures should be taken to ensure that all the components of the car are maintained well. You can also use a step-by-step guide to clean the windows and carpet cleaning techniques to ensure cleaning from the inside. 

Scale Rust

It is the next stage of rust, which reaches beneath the surface. The ideal way to deal with rust in this stage is to seal the cleaned-up area with a rust inhibitor. A visible spot would require body filler, primer and a paint job. 

Penetrating Rust

If the car reaches this stage of rust, it is ideal to consult commercial cleaners in Victoria. In this stage, the rust reaches the core of the metal, which can either be treated by changing the part of the car or cutting out the rusty area. These are some of the ways you can remove the rust from your cars, or you can consult the cleaners in Victoria to do the work efficiently.