Risks of Water Leakage in Homes Causes and Preventing Tips

Risks of Water Leakage in Homes Causes and Preventing Tips

Water damage is a common problem in houses, but impacts of water damage are not common. 

There are many illnesses that can affect a person’s body if they stay in water for prolonged periods. 

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Follow are a few risks related to being submerged in water for a prolonged period: 

Health Hazard: Standing water is a breeding spot for many infectious and deadly bacterial mosquitoes, which later on transmit diseases like  

  • Malaria 
  • West Nile Virus 
  • Dengue Fever 

Harmful bacteria and other pathogens are also harboured in standing water. 

Contamination: Flooded water due to pipe leakage will bring contaminated water into the house. In this contaminated water 

  • Industrial Waste 
  • Sewage Waste 
  • Agriculture Runoff

All these problems can impose some serious threats to human health. 

Disrupt Ecosystem: Prolonged flooding can transit some water creatures in homes. Creatures like fish, crabs and some other aquatic organisms. Displacement of these aquatic organisms for a prolonged time will affect vegetation and the quality of water. 

 Economic Losses: Flooding can cause dollars of losses due to the destruction of household items and their infrastructure. Business disruptions and job losses are another reaction to flooding. 

Possible Causes of Water Leaks in Home

Tree Roots: Trees? The first question that comes to mind is how they can be linked to the water leakage problem. But the truth is that trees are the potentially most common cause of pipe leakage. Sometimes, overgrown roots of trees penetrate the underground pipe, which ultimately leads to water waste/ Leakage. 

Corrosion: Corrosion is the most common cause of leakage in pipes. Every pipe manufacturing company makes their pipes with anti-corrosive properties. Despite pipes being made with anti-corrosive properties, after some time, cracks open from different spots in the pipeline. 

Poor Repairing Jobs: Repairing pipelines done with carelessness or under proper supervision can maximise the chances of leakage from pipes. Since investing in quality repair is necessary for long term results. 

Water Pressure: No matter how hard your pipe is, it has a certain limit for handling the thrust of water. It is crucial to set the water pressure of flowing water through the pipe. 

Extreme Temperatures: If you use a hard plastic pipe to boil hot water, then it will ultimately melt the plastic hard pipe. 

What to do in case of Water Leakage 

Identify the Source: When you find out about leakage inside your home. Then, first, find the source of water leakage. And after finding the water leakage source, seal it. 

Move the Household Items: In case of a leaking ceiling, move the furniture of your home. Gather the furniture in a safe room to safeguard it from water. Flooded water can destroy your expensive and premium furniture. 

Water Flow Controlling: If a flood in your home is due to natural occurrences such as rain or other natural reasons, then think outside the box by keeping your position and the position of the house in mind. And craft a plan to stop the source of incoming water in-house. 
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