Techniques to remove different types of strains from a wall

Techniques to remove different types of strains from a wall

Stains on the walls can be very unpleasant to look at. A smaller stain on a clean wall can take away the good appearance of a wall. The different types of stains on the walls you can see is a strain of oil on the wall, Pen mark or crayons mark on the walls by the kids, other paint marks on the walls, water stains on the wall, grease of the kitchen on the walls, ink from the walls etc. 

Steps need to follow to remove fresh strains

If the strains are fresh you can follow following steps to avoid any mark left on the wall:

  • Immediately clean the strain, before it gets set deeply on the wall. Gently clean it with a liquid cleaner and a clean cloth before making it spread on the wall more.
  • Identifying the strain as a water soluble strain can be easily removed with soap and water whereas oil based strain may need a strong cleaning solution. 

How to remove different types of strains on the walls:

As we have discussed above, there are different types of strains. Different types of strain require different attention to clear it out. Here are the methods by which we can remove different types of strains on the walls by the best Cleaners in Victoria

  • Removing Oil strains from the wall: Oil is a very common ingredient used in every household on a daily basis, especially in the kitchens. The strains of oil can be tough to remove through simple soap and water. For clearing oil strains from the walls add one spoon of white vinegar in hot water with a soap or detergent. Spray the mixture on the strain of a wall and leave it for a few minutes. Clean it with microfiber cloth. 
  • Remove pen, pencil or permanent marker marks on the walls: If you get marks on the walls with pen or pencil then it is easily removable. Pencil marks can be erased by using an eraser. Pen marks can be removed with nail polish remover, applying colgate on the wall or with mild industrial stain remover can be used. For permanent marker stain remover. You can make a solution with 3 parts of baking soda with water. Spray the solution on strain and wipe it with a clean cloth. If still the mark doesn’t go then you can also use a little strong Industrial strain removal.
  • Removing water stains from painted walls: Getting water stains on the walls is very common in the bathroom area and the kitchen area. Firstly, if the strains are happening due to some leakage then it is advised to get it fixed first of all. THen for removing the water strains use bleached mixed water in 1:3 value on the strains. They will be getting easily removed with this.
  • Removal of grease from kitchen walls: OIl is a common ingredient used in the kitchen, which makes the surface and walls of the kitchen greasy. You can get that grease out to some extent with vinegar, hot water and soap solution. But for proper cleaning it is advised to consult a professional cleaners or a good House Cleaning in Victoria.

These are the few ways by which you can remove stains from the walls. Still if the strain is unremovable then it is advised to get help from a good Cleaners in Vancouver.